'The fault in our stars' by an American  young adult writer John Green is the book I've already read six times.
John Green has also written 'Looking for Alsaca' and 'Paper towns' and two other books with two other writers.
TFIOS is just a short version of 'The fault in our stars' which is really common in John Green’s fandom environment. And actually I prefer using this 'nickname' because it's more comfortable.
As the synapse of Polish version says  'The fault in our life' is a combination of sensitivity, courage, humor and ironic. That's totally true but (in fact) TFIOS is also totally heartbreaker. Never trust beautiful cover, becease that what is in side it can change your life forever.

The life of sixteen-year-old  Hazel Grace everyday looks the same - reading the same book, watching perfect girls from 'American's Next Top Model' and spending time in hospital.

She has a tumor and she knows that  she's going to die soon. I can't really imagine myself being in such a situation... It would be so depressed.

But when a gorgeous plot   twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten. Sounds perfect, hm? Actually Gus is perfection. The best male character ever. Oh how I wish I would find boy like him in my life.

It can look like a typical romance novel, but believe me without any spoilers I have never been crying so long and loudly reading any other book. My tears fell down like a waterfall - each 6 times.

The fault in our stars opened my eyes for human pain. Now I know that even the brightest smile can hide the worst feelings and life  sometime can be really unpredictable.
Even if everything goes well it can change in one second.

I truly  recommend this book to everyone. I know - they are making a movie but 'the fault in our starts' is just like a one big metaphor of life, love and infinity and I'm sure the film won't give you as many feelings as book does.

my opinion?


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